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ART Collection
ART Collection, a wide selection of works by major artists

The images seen on the site, are a reduction of the original image used for printing.
Therefore, the colors and details are exactly as shown.
All images used (300 dpi in native format) are quality "MUSEUM"
not modified in any particular.

Free service pieces lost or missing.

FOOD Collection
FOOD Collection, pictures of food, fruit, vegetables, foods and beverages with color
very vivid picture of the highest quality.

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JW Collection
JOSEPHINE WALL Art Collection, enter the wonderful world of Josephine Wall.

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HOME Collection

BIRDS of AMERICA Collection lithographic scans, high-resolution;

John James Audubon (1785-1851) was not the first to describe and groped to paint all the birds of America
and for half a century has been the dominant wildlife artist of the country.
Birds of America, a collection of prints in size, is the standard where they are measured artists of 20 and 21 century.
Sold in the week of December 6, 2010 for just over $ 11.5 million at Sotheby
there are only 100 copies, making it the most expensive book in the world!

The main features for all lines:

Format 1000 pieces (1040 effective) with size:  68,5 x 48 cm
Format 1500 pieces (1520 effective) with size:  68,5 x 70 cm
Format 2000 pieces (2000 effective) with size:  92 x 68,5 cm

High quality printing on photo paper and anti-glare finish.
The cards are different, never repetitive, for a more fun.

Cardboard box 35 x 22 x 4 cm.

Free service pieces lost or missing.